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Meet the 2018 Blackhawk NEGRC Queensland Northern Challenge Race First Aid Nurse

Introducing Michelle Barrett...

Michelle is the Nurse Unit Manager for Retrieval Services Queensland, a department within Queensland Health that coordinates the aeromedical retrieval and transfer of patients throughout Queensland.

Michelle graduated from James Cook University in 1996. Once starting nursing Michelle achieved her goal of caring for the sickest patients in the hospital working in Intensive Care Units in England and Townsville. After achieving a Masters in Intensive Care Nursing and a Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Nursing (Intensive Care) Michelle challenged herself further by obtaining a position at NETS (NSW Neonatal and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service) caring for newborns and paediatric patients in a moving intensive care unit- in the back of ambulances, planes and helicopters throughout New South Wales and internationally.

Michelle and her partner Damian are failed foster parents to two Malamutes: Mojo and Kirra. After going to the animal rescue centre to look for a cat they returned with two massive dogs. Michelle grew up with British Bulldogs and is still trying to come to terms with the amount of hair a malamute can lose without going bald. Dog sledding gives Michelle joy by seeing how excited the dogs are to run and how happy they are after running as far and as fast as they can and a weekend away camping.

If you need Michelle’s assistance during the race, she will be located near the start and finish chute areas monitoring teams during racing. She will also be wearing a hi-vis vest.

If you cannot find her, please advise you require her assistance at the Check In shelter.

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