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Steven Roberts

I've been involved in the sport of Sled dog racing in Queensland since 2003 in which time I have seen the sport grow and new breeds of dogs bought into the sport. Over time the faces in the club change and also the dogs may change but the core value of the club remains the same it's about having fun with your dogs safely

Brad Powell
Vice President

*Pointscore Coordinator

Amy Rodgers

*Northern Challenge Coordinator


I have only been with the club and in the sport for a couple of years but boy have I enjoyed it! It is a great family activity and you get to meet lots of like-minded people. It keeps you active helps you learn new ways of dog training.

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Nerrida Powell
Ingrid King
General Committee
Steve Shale
Musher Delegate

As the mushers delegate Steve is there to bring to the table any comments, questions or concerns the members' may have. While members are able to attend meetings and speak directly with the committee, sometimes they want their voice to be anonymous.  

Nicole Robinson
Assistant Secretary

I have been involved with NEGRC and Sled dog sports for 9 years now. Rescue is one of my passions with nearly all my dogs being rescues. This sport is like a family we get together and have fun regardless of the weather or time of the morning.

Ryan Cooling
General Committee
Stewart Purcell
General Committee
Maranda Wegrzyniak
General Committee
Brad Powell, Rob Delaney & Steven Roberts
Trail Blazer

These are the people that set up the tracks for your racing experience. They will change the markers between classes so that racing can continue and fix up any safety issues noted along the way.

At the end of the day most members will hang around and help pack up, load up, ready for next time!