Meet the 2018 Blackhawk NEGRC Queensland Northern Challenge Official Photographer

May 10, 2018

Introducing Cate Macnamara...


 People often ask how I got into Dogsled racing seeing as I don't race.


It started with Dragonboat racing. I met and then raced with mushers who used to paddle in a team called DogPaddle. From there an invitation to come to a race to see the action, turned into 15 years of being involved in the sport either as photographer, volunteer or race organiser.


As a photographer, shooting dog sledding definitely became easier once cameras went digital. I have probably taken 200,000 sledding photos over the years but all in Victoria.  So I am looking forward to a change of scenery, which I hope includes puddles because they make great photos! I hope you all have a great weekend racing.


Thanks Cate - CATEMAC Photography

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