What equipment is used in Sled Dog Racing?

In sled dog racing, a lot of equipment for the sport is required the bigger the team you are driving. Fortunately, most equipment is easy to get, borrow or purchase within the sporting community. You might even find that you have some items at home that you have used for other activities such as bike riding or dog walking.

The following two items are a MUST HAVE no matter what class you would like to compete in. These items are also very important for training on the trails or at home.


A safety kit is required to go out on trail with your dog. It is normally fixed to your scooter or rig in small bag or on your person in a bumbag. Based on NEGRC Queensland and ASSA Rules, Safety Kits must include the following:

  • Cutters - A device must be carried that are suitable to cut through the lines that you are using. Side cutters must be carried for cable lines and parachute cutters (or equivalent for) material/poly lines. Open knife blades or pointy ended cutters are not permitted.

  • Snubline - a lead or line with a clip that allows you to tie up your dog, rig or scooter safely (generally to a tree or similar) so that you can fix any tangles or issues you may be having. This can include a quick release system for ease of getting back onto the trail once the issue is resolved (generally required for bigger teams).

**NEGRC Queensland New Members receive the cutters and bumbag safety kit as part of their new membership. You should receive this from one of the committee on your first training run with your dog. You will need to provide the snubline - a dog lead is appropriate for this purpose**