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Tips for the Mushers Bootcamp

Not long now until the boot camp, The weather is not being kind to us and summer is still hanging on so please be prepared for early morning and late evening training runs, lights on your scooter/rig and helmet will be required also headlamps for your handler. We will also be running rain or shine so make sure the wet weather gear is packed, below is a list of what else to bring.

What to Bring (Mandatory)

  • Two check chains, to fit snug over dogs head.

  • Two double ended leashes approximately 1.5m long each.

  • Two spare leader necklines.

*Note: If you are only running one dog you only need 1 of each of the above.

  • Headlamp per person. Your choice if you have one fixed to your rig, but one head mounted headlamp is required per person.

  • Your equipment you use to train with (gang lines, harness, bowls, scooter or rig) a rig is preferred if you can get one. If not a scooter will work.

  • Big bag of small dog treats for your dogs.

Bring clothing to suit the weather, we will go out regardless.


  • Please provide everything you need for your dogs.

  • Your own breakfast, lunches and snacks.

  • On Saturday evening, we will have a communal meal that we will eat while we debrief after the evenings run. We will probably just chip in for pizza or something simple. We will organise this Friday night so we can order Saturday morning.

We will provide a BBQ for Sunday lunch. Please note camping for 2 people is included in the cost any extra persons camping will be $15 per night payable on the weekend, also the banquet is included for 2 people and extras will be $10 per person (if I could have numbers for the banquet by Friday for catering purposes). The communal meal on Saturday night will be an extra cost if you would like to participate, around $10-$15 per person. There is very limited facilities at the camp ground so please ensure you are self sufficient. We will have portaloos on-site and also a camp shower. Signs will be up for the campground from 12:30 onwards. See you all there for another great weekend.

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