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4 highlights from the NEGRC Queensland Pre Season Camping Trip over Easter long weekend

We had an absolute blast at the NEGRC Queensland Pre Season Camping Trip over the Easter long weekend.  The weather was fantastic, although a bit warm for serious sled dog training.  Instead, we had a weekend of rest and relaxation with great friends and fur family.  Here are our highlights:

1. The Easter Egg Hunt

No matter how young or old, everyone that went on the Easter Egg Hunt had fun searching and finding each Egg hidden (by the Easter Bunny himself, of course) along the start of the race track.

2. Easter Buffet Lunch

On Sunday, we all gathered together and had a big meal to celebrate Easter and the final day of the weekend's camping.  With heaps of food and one awesome Costco Apple Pie, there were some very full bellies for the mandatory afternoon nap.

3. The Campfire

If NEGRC Queensland do only 1 thing well when we camp together, it's the campfire and campfire cooking.  Maybe we should start a Sled Dog Racing cooking show?

4. Sled dog training

While the weather may not have been perfect for training all weekend, we didn't miss the opportunity to throw our dogs into harness when the temperature dropped.  All dogs were very happy to be doing what they love for another start to the season.

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