And We 'Dashed for Diggers'

2017's Pointscore 6 - Dash for Diggers was ran in honour of Young Veterans. Queensland didn't disappoint with temperatures perfect for Sled Dog Racing.

The competition was fierce in all classes.

The results are:

4 Dog Class

FIRST PLACE - Luke Parker

SECOND PLACE - Colin Kucks

2 Dog Class

FIRST PLACE - Justine Murray

SECOND PLACE - Taryn Affleck

THIRD PLACE - Mia Morgan

1 Dog Class

FIRST PLACE - Rob Delaney

SECOND PLACE - Ebony Powell

THIRD PLACE - Luke Parker

Bikejoring Womens

FIRST PLACE - Maranda Wegrzyniak

SECOND PLACE - Ebony Powell


Bikejoring Mens

FIRST PLACE - Brad Powell

SECOND PLACE - Steve Shale